Off the Rat Race

It is silent;

It is always silent now.

It is quiet;

It is always quiet now.

It is still;

It is always still now.

I can hear a pin drop,

I can hear a faint sigh,

No ariya,

No movement,

A total cessation of the rat race

which had characterized our former existence.

In fact, it was our very existence.

We lived for it

We longed for it

We yearned for it

We are on a lockdown

We’re on a leash

A short leash



bound after a manner

call it house-arrest.

We can only hope we’ll be let off the leash soon

to pick up where we left off

in the rat race




Solape Adetutu Adeyemi is an avid reader, scriptwriter, poet, and blogger. She is currently working on a manuscript titled Scarred with Wine Press, awaiting publishing. She has earned a Degree in Microbiology and a Master’s Degree in Environmental Management. As an Environmental Sustainability enthusiast, she loves seeing documentaries about whales, movies, and listening to music. She tweets @adeyemisolape

 Image credit: Jay Mullings/Unsplash 


  1. This is magnificent. Way to go Solape.

  2. This leash has changed the world and the way we view the world. Even though the leash is being gradually untied, we know what is awaiting us...

  3. Nice one Solape, God will reward you labour.

  4. Yeah, I guess the world needed a break from the break neck and fast pace competition ; or otherwise .

  5. A nice write lauding a lull in our rat race. More grace, Ms Solape.


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