1. We believe in visibility, diversity, and inclusion. 

2. We accept submissions from writers anywhere across the globe. We accept Poetry, Fiction, Personal Essays, Photography and Art, Reviews, and Literary Criticism.

 3. Please send up to 1 - 3 unpublished works and a (50-word or less) bio in a single Word document to Please make sure your submission is no more than 5 pages. Your email subject should be the title of your work and category. For example, "Here You Live" – Poetry. Please include your social media handles in your bio.

4. Send us original, fresh, and work unpublished elsewhere. And, send us an email to retrieve your work if accepted elsewhere. 

5. We encourage simultaneous submissions, but please notify us immediately if you have to withdraw one or more of your works. 

6. Please wait to hear back from us before submitting again. If you do not hear back from us within two weeks to 2 months, feel free to email us and inquire. 

7. What we like: immersive/deep/feminine/stunning/sharp/moving/relishing/captivating/frolicking/creative/experimental/psychological/inclusive/unpredictably transcendental.

8. What we don't like: curse words/stupid isms/misogyny/racial slurs/unnecessary clich├ęs, and you know, all the other insane stuff. 

9. We recommend that you format your submissions properly. Use simple fonts such as Times New Roman, Georgia, Arial. And of course, no too much: we love the 12 points, single space for Poetry; a new poem on a new page, double-line for other genres. 

10. Unfortunately, we cannot pay our writers now. Well, we would love to someday when we become a paying market. Writers retain the copyright to their works. Our journal is also being read worldwide, so we promise you every exposure your work needs, and of course, we will post your submissions on all our social media platforms for a wider reach. We have a readership of an average 4000 readers every week.

 11. Our Editors may make slight changes to your work (where/if necessary) to fit our editorial preference. If so, we'll review any changes with you before it's published.

12. We receive close to 300 submissions every month and have a limited staff. Please be patient with us. We promise to respond within 2 weeks to 2 months. Feel free to inquire if it takes longer.

WritenowLit asks for First Serial, Electronic, and Archival Rights. All rights revert to the author upon publication. If your work is later published elsewhere, we ask that you kindly make note of its initial appearance in WriteNowLit.


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