Ambush is the depiction of the inescapable abode that lies 6 feet below us. It goes beyond the saying that "After a long day in the market, every soul shall return home.” It is a reminder of the day when our shadows shall become static, never to move again after being laid to rest. 

It also tells tales of walking gently on the land, bearing in mind that we have no other place beneath where we will be laid to rest. In essence, the land lays ambush to us all; we should do well to tread it gently.


Sulola Imran Abiola is a native of Oyo State, a poet & photographer, a public servant, a lover of arts and an optimist who believes breakthrough exists in every life-sniffing situation. His work is forthcoming in The Quills and other literary magazines. He writes from the state of Osun, Nigeria and tweets @official_sulola


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