In our village,

there is an era we feared,

A time we failed

For things betwixt our fate and death;

Our fate, a flint for smoke; choking;

Our death, a fly-in rain; drenched.


Query not the Word

for the drought in thought.

At the harvest of meaning,

We reap the woes - COVID 19




Atoyebi Oluwafemi Akinlawon is a poet, content, and story developer. He is a graduate of English and International studies. He earned an M.A English(Literature) from the Premier University of Ibadan. He is the winner of Adat(Cube) (March, 2020). He has published several poems in both local and international journals such as Newhorizon, thespeakingheart, ArtMusefair, Adatacademy, Deessencetheatre, etc. He works as a researcher with The Centre for Performing Arts and Film Studies. He lives in Osogbo with his family. He tweets @akin_atoyebi



  1. I am highly fascinated. This piece speaks volume with few words...


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