Pain Births Love


In the screams bouncing off the peeling walls

Comes forth the gushing blood

Overflowing past the gates that keeps her sanity intact.

The earth shakes with every squeeze,

Tearing the heavens apart until they pour rain.

The babe paddles through the rushed waves of red,

Dodging the loud voices of her container

And those of the man holding her frail hand.

Like the sisters before her,

She must make a dazzling entrance

And light the darkness beyond the widening tunnel.

With a powerful splash that drowns the figures 

Wearing white coats and thick ropes around their necks,

The cocoon is broken and a baby emerges from flesh.

Eyes closed shut, but heart as big as the skies above.

The clock winds again

And the child will soon become mother.

Beneath the awaiting pain lies a glistening crown

Ready to be taken by the one soon-to-be known as Queen.


Olabisi Bello (she/her) is a Nigerian who loves the fluidity and joy writing has granted her. She hopes to make an impact in society with this gift and her overall devotion to making the world a better place. You can find more of her works at Twitter: @OlabisiBA Instagram: @olabisi_writes


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