Parable of Isolation


Here we are

with untold stories:

Stories scarring our inner minds,

uncertainties fill our hearts.

The intensity of our mood grows.

We were told to stay safe at home

but we seem not to be doing enough.

Today is assured,

tomorrow isn't guaranteed.

Coronavirus, the fear giver,

we reverence you in sacred dread

One hand in the pocket,

sanitizer in the other.


The visitor that takes over houses

in the presence of its owners.

We walk on the streets with fear:

The fear of meeting the giver of discomfort

The fear of entering the forbidden house of isolation

The fear of meeting the multiplier of troubles.

Stay safe if you don't want to be isolated.


Here we are,

Unsure of what happens next.

Oh ye plague!

We await your eternal demise.




Catherine Adeola Olatunji is a writer. She is a graduate of Osun State University where she studied English and International studies. She's a lover of nature and loves writing. She can be found on Twitter @ademi_writes

 Image credit: Anthony Delanoix/Unsplash 


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