Sleep Through the Rain

When a whirling wind snarl at your roof, baring fangs like angry hounds,

When ice balls and thunderstorm barks at you with utmost malignance,

When light gives way to darkness,

and it all seems the roof over your head may soon yield

to the menacing threats of lightning spikes and heavy downpour,

And then the worms in your bowels seem to have joined forces with your foes,

clawing your intestines, urging you to flee asylum and attend to nature's call.

When night thickens with obscurity, oblivion calling at your door,

When it seems that morning may never return from exile,

Just breathe.

Shut your eyes and savor the silence beneath the echoes of your sorrows.

You might sleep through the rain, and when you awake, it will all seem like a dream.




Darlington Chukwunyere is a Nigerian screenwriter, a singer, and a poet of many artistic colors. He tweets @darlinscript

Image credit: Sebastiano Piazzi/Unsplash 


  1. Hmmm. It is sad how sometimes we roll with the storm and lightening and downpour, and end up broken. This advice of yours is sure something to practice, for sometimes, all we need do is sleep through the rain.


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