The Visitor

Do and comman be going

You ate only a scoop of food

Then decided to finish several plates

You are still craving for more


You were not even invited

We have given you enough audience

Now comman be going


Big, small, everyone bow before you

You have stepped on our necks and pockets

Make us look like we lack sense


You whispered

But we heard lamentations


I wonder the championship you are defending

There was no competition in the first place


We have left the streets and hangouts

So you can have a field day, sway those hips


Comman be going I pray thee

Even the king's liege never washed as much as we have now

Yet these hands are not clean enough for you to leave


This visitor that wants to become Lord and all

Lone sojourner

Stop hiding under any guise

I say comman be going


Brenda Nwafor is a poet, entrepreneur, spoken word artist, and fashion designer. Her work has been published in the PUEMFONAIJALANGUEJ issue of the Poets in Nigeria Journal. Her spoken word poem, “The Housewife's Rant" has been performed at various art events and exhibitions in Lagos. Brenda has been actively involved in Nigeria's thriving literary scene, having worked as the General Secretary of the Lagos Branch of the Association of Nigerian Authors (ANA). She's the author of the poetry collection Ode to a Dancing Pen. She is on Twitter @Brenda_nwafor


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