Two Poems by Halle Preneta



I cannot wait for autumn: 
The smell of campfires 
The determined hikers
The apple trees
The turning of the leaves 
The hayrides and cider 
The s’mores and fun times together 
Hanging out with friends 
Until the day ends 
The dreary skies 
And beautiful butterflies 
The costumes and candy of Halloween night 
Delivering a mixture of fright and delight 
The aggressive buyers of Black Friday 
And the family gatherings of Thanksgiving Day
Autumn brings laughter and joy and fun times 
That I will remember for a lifetime 
I cannot wait for autumn 
When we’re finally free to let go of our problems.

My World

My whole world came crashing down
When I met you. 
Your long, brown hair, 
Your tattoo that would show in the light, 
Your cowboy-like-boots making you look like a badass.
The way you could make even a hoodie and jeans attractive; 
You made me feel happy, dizzy, anxious; all at the same time 
And I loved every second of it — 
Of you in my thoughts, 
Of you being there every day.
I knew it would never work out,
I knew how unhealthy it was. 
But I was so happy during a time when everything else wasn’t. 
You became the center of my universe, 
In the giant jigsaw puzzle that is humanity 
Our pieces may never fit together 
But I’ll always appreciate everything you ever taught me.

Cover Image: "Fallen" by Halle


Halle Preneta is a 17-year-old who enjoys writing romance and Sci-fi stories. When she’s not writing, she’s either streaming YouTube or hanging out with her dog. She also enjoys theatre, music, a time with animals, and is very passionate about human rights, especially LGBTQ+ rights. Her Twitter handle is @YaTheatreNerd



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