Three Poems by Faith Pittet



I lost my home
when I lost my mother
Even though we never had a home
we called our own
we belonged to each other; 
we were home; we made home.

I was 9 years old and she barely 30 —
we were both young and unprepared.

I have learnt that my mother
is the only home I ever truly belonged.

I hadn’t always known this: 
You are the home I carry
within me 

black silk

lately I have become accustomed to sleepless nights
each night bringing a familiar alertness
arrested by starless nights 
thriving in the brimming darkness 
sleep hanging beneath the black silk
imminent but never falling 
and some nights I simply let the darkness 
in the sky drop like a sheet over my eyes.

fountain of laughter

At the forest’s edge of a small town 
was an ancient fountain known as the children’s fountain.
The fountain on sight was ordinary
with no special features.
Lore has it that the charm of this fountain
lay in the water filled with
captured moments of freedom, laughter and delight
of children that played in the fountain.

These sounds were painstakingly collected overtime
by the townsfolk —  
they bottled all the blissful adventures and
poured it into the fountain.
This way the laughter, joy and happy squeals of all the children
would be preserved and not forgotten in memory.

It would endure for eternity
and be kindled by each generation,
forever enclosing and capturing delightful 
memories of children at play.


Faith is an insomniac lawyer who is passionate about creating art, obsessed with tennis and a not so avid reader anymore. She writes, doodles and is currently learning French. She is influenced by past experiences merging with the current. Her first publication was in the Bosphorus Review, an online Journal. 


  1. I love all 3 of them but fountain of laughter is the best for me keep up Faith your work is inspiring

  2. 9 is so deep. Thanks for sharing your talent with us.

  3. Love all three friend but especially 9 because I can relate. Keep them coming

  4. " we were both young and unprepared". In 9 I like the way you capture both the vicissitudes of life and the enriching warmth of the love of a mother, so strong and infectious is the love that even in penury it comes with incomparable safety and comfort. Well done Faith.

  5. This is a great piece of writing. I love them all. Well done Faith and keep up the good work๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘


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