How long before love falls


a leaf falls early, and sails

carrying the love of generations 

in trees which the land couldn't bear 

to have been walked on by human-feet - 

who have loved beyond the realms of

this time we are all boxed in. 

tonight there's a laughing trickster of white

light rolling like waves from the moon. 

with a swinging slowness

i start threading a red string around

my outline, like an open chest, 

like a soulmate waiting to be heard.

so, as much as my outline deems 

me empty

i want to be as full of myself as

life is when it's full of people 

wringing hands.

life is others, when they pull your 

wrist with hands curved into a smile 

asking to reinvent love. 

in nature we find the life that 

renders us to stop 

each breath before asking to be loved. 

indeed, in this moment there is ecstasy

i find in being loved by you, 

such as the fingers love to flip pages 

of a passed down book of family-recipes. 

when i carve your name in a trees soul

i tell you this - 

you love me more than i do you

you eat me more than i do you


i cry an ocean worth of my life 

more than you can ever touch.


Hamnah Khan is a Pakistani university student, mostly found tucked in corners of libraries. She loves petting cats, reading, and fresh fruits. she also adores writing on human connections. She is on Twitter @hqcatz

Header image: Unsplash.


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