Three Poems by Abdulmueed Balogun



Where are we to go from here
with our immature dreams? 
Swinging to-and-fro around the neck of aspiration 
and with our minds, frail like spider's web, 
yet to mature into the fullness of a grown man, what are we to conjure?

Who will be there to stay with us 
with our worries ginormous as a blue whale
and our minds wallowing in tumult like a disconcerted home, who will tame?

Which road will hope tread to 
come find us and lynch forlorn —
the new sun in the sky of our minds, who will dim its shine? 
from which pore will the feeling of wretchedness 
ooze out  among the multiple pores on our sullen skin?

I long heard that answers are huge mysteries covered in 
array of uncertainties and that only time can unveil the road leading to their demystifications.


Their cries — orphans
groping under the root of darkness
pining for light of liberation 
to scream like someone who sees a ghost in daylight.
Dear God, will their cries ever vanish like spiraling smoke?

Their pain — victims of war
wallowing in the shadow of sorrow, yearning for peace rebirth like the sun from the lips of dawn.
Dear God, will peace ever spank out pain like a tyrant out of their hearts? 

Their hope —  
pauper dining with squalid fleas, 
feeding on remnants at dumpsite.
Dear God, will their hope of a better tomorrow ever 
come to life unannounced  like a lightning? 


Who then shall wipe our tears,
when days become hellish —
having spikes as wind and thorns 
as rain,
who then shall stampede to our aids?

Who shall teach us how to forget the 
past —  the turbulent-filled past, whose
scars keep marring every blissful moment — of present times,
who then shall teach us
the divine art of healing ?

Who shall pick — bliss-sucking ticks from our minds, 
when forlorn devours every grain of mustered hope, 
who then shall weave asylum from the thatch of our sorrow? 

Who shall dare to sing the song of 
peace, when we sail and slither 
in the vortex ship of life.
Who then shall sail in the ship of 
peace to emancipate us from what seems like age of unending torment? 

We can't know and shouldn't be perturbed, for days and nights to 
herald are springs of uncertainties. 


Abdulmueed Balogun is currently an undergraduate at the University of Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria. He was a runner up in the ‘Reform Naija’ writers contest - "Freewill" in November, 2020. His poems have been published / are forthcoming in different online publications and anthologies including: Headline Poetry, The Quills, W-Poesis, New Horizon, among others. 


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