Speaking Before god


And Mama said to me, 

'This is how you speak before god':

I. You boil your bones soft like red meat

and tune them for anything that catches his fancy

for they are only his' for the using.

II. You must dip your tongue in hot chocolate,

and let them peel as cost for speaking at all;

his ears will not house your blasphemies.

III. Remember, you have to walk with baited breath, and 

deep pocket your confidence

wear some smile on your face. Be pretty

if at all you desire to keep your head.

IV. Pray, I beg you

that your ears gain enough muscles to heed

without the seeming folly to question.

without marking your body a grave for rods.

V. In fact, be his wine and let him drink you up

Kiss his ego and serve him knee bent. 

say yes yes yes and keep silent as a doll

That he may find you worthy as a son

VI. Your eyes is a fire too bright

sew them up if you can. Or, cry 

Cry them out whichever way he wants.

He is god after all.

so I buried all of these inside me

till god walked in upon us

as a brown man with sprinkled grey hair

wearing daddy's costume.


Abdulateef Ibrahim, is at first an anomaly, and a spirited creative. He has a rapt propensity for writing poems that touch down on his heart to fine tastes, and also experiments with diverse subjects. He craftily writes from Nigeria and is on the lookout for platforms that can house his works. 


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