Three Poems by Yuu Ikeda

The Girl With Fake Soul

The girl, knocked by

cruelness of connection of blood

cocoons her fake soul in her hands

What the girl can do is

only to look at the sky

even though she doesn't know

when it becomes blue

What the girl can do is

only to feel raindrops

that pierce her cheeks

like icicles do

The girl tries to cut blood,

but it continues to flow

without restriction.

Boiled blood tortures the girl

Fake soul saves her.

Only untruth saves the girl

who gave up believing God.


A Step

I can fall in madness

in a step

I can leave me in naught

in a step

But I feel that

this step is eternal

Only one step tells me impossibility

Even when I'm writing,

I feel keenly normal.

I'm normal, abnormally

Normality is a narrow box

Normality is a dark hole

I want to spring out of here,


fall in madness.

I want to crawl out of here,


accept naught,

even if it means the end


Love Has Wings

Love has wings

to escape from betrayal

Love has wings

to be free from hate

The half of my heart

eaten by a devil

wants love overwhelmingly,

to rebirth and become a complete shape


love can't be tied

by anything

Even spring wind,

even summer night,

even autumn scent,

even winter warmth,

can't tie love

The stronger I want love,

the more untruth love carves in me


love escapes from me

by wings

Love is free from me

by wings


Yuu Ikeda is a Japan based poet. She writes poetry on her website. Her published poems have appeared on Rigorous, Briefly Zine, 3 Moon Magazine, and elsewhere.


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