Red Oceans by Casey Law


Fingers sprawled across my face

hair waltzing across my eyes

Only an oblivious vision of deep orang-ish browns

Water worked itself through my frown

Perhaps I cried

I wouldn’t know if I did

Or if I could

In that moment

Occupied with the acceptance of the pressure and force that surrounds me

Maybe I fought

I wouldn’t know if I did

But the black and blue that swarms my floating calves

Could be a hint

The oceans turn red, or more crimson

When I cry

But I suppose in some way, this isn’t the worst way

To say goodbye




Casey Law is a 15-year-old queer, female, and Jewish poet who was born and currently resides in New jersey. She has published a teenage mental health poetry book and her work has been published in and has upcoming work on She tweets @caseycannoli


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